How To Dunk In 2k21 NBA (Guide of Upcoming Year)

If you’re new to NBA 2k21, there are a few basic steps to follow in order to learn how to dunk in this video game. First of all, you’ll need to have the ball in your hand and be standing in the center of the court. Once you’re in the right position, hold down the left trigger button and press the right trigger button.

How Can You Dunk In 2k21 NBA

Slithery Finisher vs. Relentless

The Slithery Finisher badge helps a player avoid contact, and it’s particularly useful on guards. It also increases a player’s ability to avoid contact inside the paint, which makes it a necessary feature for any guard build. It’s most effective when set to the Hall of Fame tier, which increases a player’s chances of dunks and layups.

Both Finisher badges have their own advantages. A slithery finisher has a higher dunk rate, which increases the likelihood of avoiding contact and reducing body checks. It also improves a player’s vertical. A player with this badge also has a better chance of hitting a floater or runner.

The Slithery Finisher badge is more effective in helping a player stay in the paint longer, even when they’re fatigued. This badge gives the player a great amount of energy, and it activates every time the player finishes in the paint. It’s also the best finishing badge for aggressive players, and it pairs well with the number one finishing badge.

Windmill Dunk

Performing a windmill dunk in NBA 2k21 is a challenging maneuver that takes a little bit of practice to master. To perform it correctly, you need to know how to hold the ball with your right stick and time the release with the ‘X’ button. You can also use the L2/LT button to finesse the shot and make it a powerful dunk.

The Windmill dunk in NBA 2K21 is a specialty move that requires you to shoot the ball from a distance of over six feet. This maneuver is most effective when you are at least six feet tall, as it will give you longer arms and greater standing reach.

The Windmill dunk is a great way to show off your talent and make your teammates envious. There are many ways to use it, and it’s a fun way to show off your skills. Using it in video games creates a sense of energy and excitement. In NBA 2K21, you can use it in Mycareer mode, which lets you play as a customized character.

Contact dunks

In NBA 2k21, contact dunks require a certain amount of skills to perform. To execute one, your player must be over 70 overall with a driving dunk of 85 or higher. If you are unable to achieve the required ratings, you can choose to perform the dunk using a smaller package.

To perform a contact dunk, the player must be able to use both hands. In NBA 2K21, this is possible by holding down the RT trigger and pressing the thumbstick. To perform a dominant dunk, the thumbstick must be pressed towards the left, while performing an off-hand dunk, the thumbstick should be pressed towards the right.

Players can also perform contact dunks by using the Posterizer or Limitless Takeoff badges. These badges are helpful for performing contact dunks from farther away. While strength helps with blow-bys and holding your ground in the paint, it does not necessarily help with contact dunks.

One of the biggest issues for beginners in NBA 2K21 is how to perform contact dunks. These special animations can be fun to perform, and there are several ways to perform them. One method is to hold down R2 or RT while sprinting toward the basket, and the other involves pressing the X or Square button while holding the right stick.

Technical Fouls

Technical fouls are a big part of basketball games. These fouls are assessed when a player commits an illegal defense or commits a flagrant foul. They are also assessed if a player taunts another player. Technical fouls can result in fines of up to $50,000.

There are also rules about dunks. Players cannot hang on the rim after a dunk, and they cannot hang on the rim on defense if the other team is trying to score. This is considered overreaching. There are exceptions, though, such as when a player falls under a dunker. However, the player must avoid any extreme actions that can lead to a technical foul.

Technical fouls are not uncommon in basketball. In addition to being a personal foul, players can be assessed with a technical foul if they make illegal contact between players. Technical fouls are also considered technical fouls if they occur above the shoulders. The penalties can range anywhere from a fine to a suspended player.

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